Get Your Child Active

Some children are reluctant to go outdoors or be active through the day. For some families, the problem is time; between school, work, socializing, and extra curricular activities, there’s hardly enough time to relax. While we can’t add an extra hour to each day, we can find ways to squeeze activities into the daily routine. FirstBIKE understands the importance of encouraging every child to be active daily. Inspire yourself with our tried-and-tested tips below.

get your child activeBe a role model

You are your child’s primary role model. By living an active lifestyle yourself, your child will see the benefits daily. If your lifestyle makes your child active, you will probably be motivated to continue being active.

Try anything and everything

For both adults and children, often the problem is finding activities that are enjoyable. It may take a while to find activities that don’t feel like exercise. By trying as many different activities as possible, you will find one or many that are suitable. Don’t be afraid to try something that puts you or your child outside their regular comfort zone!

get your child activeFind ways to be active in daily life

If your family is short of time, incorporate movement into everyday activities. If you live within walking distance of local shops, school or the park, take advantage of the opportunity to walk there. Take the dog out for a run, dance around during television ad breaks, help with gardening, or bike ride to the local shops to grab ingredients for dinner.

Purchase gifts which encourage activity

Instead of buying a new video game or movie, try purchasing gifts which get your child active. For an inexpensive reward, try a skipping rope, pool toys, ball, frisbee, kite, water squirter, or hula hoop. If you’re looking for an investment, try buying lessons for certain activities, a balance bike, roller blades, skate board, trampoline, basketball hoop,… the list goes on.

Being active every day has the added benefit of exerting your child’s energy, which means that you and they should sleep very soundly!

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