Cycling in Singapore

cycling in singapore

Cycling in Singapore is a popular activity among all age groups. Each cycling route offers beautiful scenery and excitement for all ages. FirstBIKE has tested plenty of cycling trails in Singapore. We have compiled a list of our favourites to inspire your next adventure cycling in Singapore.  Most Singapore cycling routes are suitable for young riders. If your child is cruising on a FirstBIKE balance bike, keep in mind that long distances might be exhausting. In this case, you can find quiet portions of a cycling path for teaching bike riding to your child.

Plan with the Park Connector Network

The best place to begin planning your cycling route is with the Park Connector Network. Singapore is blessed with incredible nature parks and reserves which are linked via cycling paths. By using the Park Connector Network, you can be assured you’ll see some of the best scenery in Singapore.

Bedok Reservoir Park

Cycling and water sports are main activities in Bedok Reservoir Park. The 4.3km loop around the reservoir provides a great view, with plenty of bathrooms and shelter facilities. To relax after your ride, take a seat for some bird watching or fishing.

Changi Beach Park

A trip to Changi Beach Park brings plenty of beach-side fun. Bring your bike, or rent one from the bike kiosks located within the park. Cycle along the coastal path and feel the sea breeze in your helmet! There are barbecue pits throughout the park, so bring your BBQ essentials for a post-cycle snack.

East Coast Park

East Coast Park attracts millions of visitors annually for a reason – it’s awesome. The beach side barbecue pits, water sports, fishing opportunities and beach activities make for a perfect day out. Bring your balance bike (or adult bikes) to East Coast Park and zoom up and down the cycling path.

Pasir Ris Park

Between the mangrove and the beach, Pasir Ris Park offers a wide range of activities. The cycling path has two bike kiosks, so you can rent a bike if necessary. After a great rid
e, there is a playground to test out and relaxing walking paths. If you’re still not exhausted, there are plenty of water sports to try too.

cycling in singapore

Pulau Ubin

For a gorgeous getaway, visit Pulau Ubin. This island is easily accessible from Singapore mainland. You can bring your own bicycle, or rent one from the bike kiosks. Exploring Pulau Ubin is truly best by bike. There are relaxing cycling paths and mountain trails if you’re feeling adventurous.


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