Benefits of Balance Bikes

The benefits of balance bikes go unmatched by other training products. Balance bikes are designed to give your child the confidence and skills of bike riding, but without all the bumps and bruises along the way. They provide a no stress method of learning to ride a bike, so your child can smoothly transfer to a pedal bike quickly and easily. FirstBIKE knows it all about the benefits of balance bikes, and we think it’s time that you did too!

OrangeTeach bike safety at any age

Balance bikes are ideal for teaching the fundamental rules of riding a bike, without the fear of falling or tumbling. When using a balance bike, your child will develop their awareness and learn the essentials of bike safety, such as braking, steering, and wearing a helmet.

Feel balanced while riding

Balance bikes are designed so that your child can comfortably sit and push the bike with their feet. There are no training wheels, so they will learn and experience the sense of balance while riding. Balance bikes also have hand brakes which mimick those of a regular bike. Speed control and effective braking will be understood using a balance bike.

Grow their confidence

When children learns to master a balance bike, their motor skills improve, and their self-confidence soars. They will be confident in their ability to ride, and feel motivated to enjoy their balance bike whenever they can.

Built to take the fall

Balances bikes are designed to absorb the impact of any bumps or tumbles that may occur. The award winning frame of a FirstBIKE balance bike is flexible, durable and extremely sturdy to give your child a smooth ride. Getting the hang of riding takes some practice and balance bikes allows your child to steer without the fear of falling over.

An exercised kid is a tired kid!

Using a balance bike is a great way for your child to get active, learn, grow confidence, and explore the world around them. Learning and using a balance bike provides your child with the exercise they need to be tired out by the end of the day. Isn’t that the greatest benefit of all?

FirstBIKE products are designed to maximise the benefits of balance bikes. Using high quality materials they are built for premium safety, and to teach your child the essential bike riding skills. Your child’s skills, confidence and enjoyment will soar when using FirstBIKE balance bikes.

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